Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Japan holiday!

Hello cuties! I’m sorry for the lack of posts; I have been very busy with work (doing 5-6 days a week) so my days off are spent doing housework and running errands! My parents arrived back from Adelaide last week and they still have my camera, so I’m unable to share my reviews and activities I have been doing until it is returned to me. So this post I’d like to talk about my Japan holiday I am planning for next year.

My boyfriend Luke, and best friend Ellise are both coming with me to Japan in late March/April next year! Since my birthday is in April, and the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, I thought what better month to go?! I am getting VERY excited, and will hopefully purchasing plane tickets sooner than later (after I get all of my bills sorted, of course). We are planning to arrive in Osaka, and depart from Tokyo, stopping at Kyoto and other cities in between.

Japan is my dream destination, and to be there for a month exploring all I have wanted to do there will be amazing! From now until then I am going to try and save every penny I can; which means limited purchasing of things I don’t really need. I’m going to start shopping at second hand stores again, as well as eBay (not that I don’t already!)

I am still researching places to see, and I am not going to plan every single day of our holiday. I will plan the tours, accommodation and flights, but that’s it! I will write down of everything I want to see and then go day-by-day getting through the list (randomly, of course!) We are spending most of our time in Tokyo, as there is so much I want to see there. When I have more information I’ll most certainly write a post on the sights I am going to see!

Have you been to Japan? What are some amazing places to go, and things to do? I don’t want to miss out! ^.^

Much love,
Rhiannon xo.

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