Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brisbane Supanova 2013

Last weekend I attended Supanova in Brisbane. I cosplayed as Homura Akemi on Saturday, and wore lolita on Sunday. It was very hot and humid. I had a lot of fun, but I was a bit disappointed with the layout and the lack of air-conditioned space. What else do you expect from a convention at the RNA Showgrounds? This was my first time attending Brisbane Supanova. I can't wait for next year! They are re-locating to the BCEC! I think next year it will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone. I met numerous people over the weekend and have made some lovely new friendships. I bought a few little goodies and got to see some amazing cosplays and stores! All in all I still had a fantastic time, regardless of the heat!

My outfits:
Saturday ~ Homura Akemi Cosplay.
On Saturday I cosplayed one of my favourite anime characters, Homura Akemi. I purchased my outfit from Bodyline, my shield from a seller on eBay, and my wig also from a seller on eBay. I also wore Geo Super Size Nudy circle lenses in violet which I bought from Pinky Paradise. I will be doing reviews for every item later in the week! So keep your eyes pealed for that!

Sunday ~ Lolita.
On Sunday I wore my favourite lolita dress I own - Wonder Party OP by Angelic Pretty. This dress has been one one of my dream dresses since I laid eyes on it! The print detail is beautiful, and the small characteristics like the gold club & heart buttons, and the tiny spoon on the collar really compliment the dress. Not only is it my favourite colour, Wonder Party features tea pots & cups on the print, as well as cupcakes, and I'm obsessed with all three! I actually have a small tea pot & cup collection, which every now and then I add to.

I have only been able to find a few photographs of myself with my friends on the internet that were taken of us, and I have a few not-so-hot-quality phone photographs.(My shield is on the wrong arm in these photos because I wanted to have it in them)
My friend Shawna (Junko Enoshima) and myself.
Photo taken by Chris Volk. 
 Homura twinning! Ran into my friend Nikki who also cosplayed Homura on Saturday.
 Homura twinning selca~

Selca in the car at the end of the day.
 Group shot with my friend Britt (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu~PONPONPON) & my cousin Kristal.
Photo taken by Chris Volk.

Group shot with Shawna, Kristal, Britt (PONPONPON), Hannah (PONPONPON) & Whitley.
Myself with Sauron.

I have already started thinking about who to cosplay next year, sadly (not really) I will be missing out on Gold Coast Supanova 2014 as I will be in Japan! (now you see why I said not really). But I am excited to hear that Comic Con is coming to Brisbane! So that means two conventions next year again, yay!

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures, and if you happen to see any that include myself or any of my friends, please post the links in a comment so I can have them!
Much love,
Rhiannon xo.

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